About Us

Resonate Blends Inc is a Cannabis based holding company dedicated to providing value added brands for the wellness market.

The company employs advanced science, leading technology and a deep understanding of the entourage effect, cannabinoids and terpenes to formulate products with specific, controllable and repeatable, beneficial effects. Through innovation, experimentation, testing and an iterative product development strategy, our team has unlocked and continues to evolve new plant constituent combinations resulting in unique, enjoyable and extremely effective wellness products. Resonate Blends is Mastering the Art of Experience.

Implementing a creative, growth oriented business model and pioneering next generation distribution strategies, Resonate is prepared to release our first line of products based on The Resonate System under the brand name of Koan®. The Resonate System and our commitment to demystifying cannabis and providing premium products guides not only the development and branding of the Koan product family but also of any future acquisitions which the holding company may undertake.

In addition to creating our “house” brands, the company is also looking for other quality brands which could be incubated or targeted as either strategic partners or as acquisitions. Resonate’s growth strategy is to create an innovative ecosystem of companies, investments and research that all support the Resonate System and our mission of empowering the wellness market. Integrating these companies and products, we believe will provide consistent product quality that yields expected results and that also allows us to build a stable, successful holding company.

Based in Calabasas, California, Resonate Blends, Inc. is a cannabis holding company centered on valued-added holistic wellness and lifestyle brands. Our strategy is to ignite future growth by building a purpose-driven portfolio of research organizations, innovative and emerging brands, and retail channels. The holding company’s focus is finding mutual value between product and consumer by optimizing quality, supply chain resources, distribution, branding, and financial performance. We offer a family of premium cannabis-based products of consistent quality based on unique formulations calibrated to the Resonate System which we believe will become industry gold standard in consumer user experience.